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Mumble Street Stories

Our initial attempt was a success! We set up a rough run at the Sellwood Farmer's Market last week and had a few dozen inquiries with close to 20 agreeing to sit and tell us their story! We are very excited to move forward with the project based on the success, the feedback and the results we got that afternoon. 


Mumble on over to Mumble Street Stories and watch for updates. Nothing will be posted however until we get the stories from the sitters. So if you're a sitter and you're reading this…get your story in!! We are very excited to hear the answer to "Who am I?"


Thanks to everyone who stopped in and we look forward to meeting you at our next event - Wednesday, Septmeber 24th at Cloud Cap Games on SE Lexington at Milwaukie. Come in, sit for a portrait, get ready to tell us your story!


Thank you!!!  Kris

Corey McAuliffe stopped by our booth. 

Kris Lattimore